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Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project
Start Your Free Test Project

Frequently asked questions

Are there any terms or contracts?

No. There are no terms or contracts. We operate on month-to-month subscriptions, and you can start and stop anytime. 

Will I always work with the same designer?

Yes. You'll work with the same designer on all of your projects. Like with an in-house designer, you'll work with the same person every day and build a relationship with them over time. And your designer will become increasingly familiar with your brand, which will start to make completing projects super easy.

Where are your designers located?

All of our designers are full-time in-house Sr. designers in Canada. Our designers work remotely across the country and are available in all North American time zones.

We don't use freelancers or contractors.

What if I don't like my designer?

Then we'll assign you a new one. But this rarely happens. We only hire top 1% talent, and we're confident you would enjoy working with just about anyone from our team. However, if for any reason your initial designer is not a good fit, we'll swap out your designer for someone who you feel is a better fit

Is it really unlimited? 

Yes, it is unlimited, which means there are no limits to the number of requests or revisions. However, remember that we are still human, and it takes time to complete each request.

So, if you do happen to put in 10 requests today, it doesn't necessarily mean that we will be able to complete them all right away. 

But it does, however, mean that we will complete all of them in a timely manner, and there will be no fluctuation in cost :) 

What can I request? 

Our designers are very versatile – if you can describe it, we can design it. The majority of the requests that we see are the usual standard marketing assets like sell sheets, social media content, web banners, photo editing, packaging updates, etc. But we're also available to help with less conventional design requests, like your company's soccer jerseys, custom Christmas cards, NFTS, and more. If you can describe it, we can design it. 

Can we request videos? 

Video is not our strong suit, but we'll certainly try to help if it's a small project. All of our designers are world-class, professionally trained graphic designers. They're not video editors. But if you have simple tasks like splicing small clips or adding titles, we will try our best to help :)

We're more comfortable with motion graphics, animations, and GIFS - See below. 

Can we request animations and GIFS? 

Yup! To be clear, we're not animation experts. So don't typically work on long-form animated videos, but we can help with the small stuff. 5 - 15 seconds motion graphics and animated GIFS for your website and social media are what we're more comfortable with.
If you'd like to see some examples of our animation work, you'll find that on our Dribbble account here.   

How does the free trial work?

We know that the value for you is contingent on setting you up with a designer you will enjoy working with. So, how we ensure that fit is with a 7-day free trial.

You pick a couple of small test projects, and we'll set you up with a designer and jump right in to see how it goes.

No cost, no commitment, and no credit card required. 

If you would like to give the free trial a shot, you can sign up here. 

How am I billed? 

We bill monthly via credit at the begging of each period.

Invoiced billing is available only for 6 to 12-month terms, but we do not extend payment terms.
Payments are due in full at the beginning of the period. 

Do you work with agencies or offer white-label services?

We typically do not work with agencies or freelancers. We primarily work directly with end-user CPG & DTC brands that intend to use our service for themselves. 

Or policy is "one plan for one brand." So, agencies looking to service multiple brands would require multiple subscriptions. And we know that financially that does not always work.

Do you provide source files?

Yes, we can provide source files if you need them. We do not provide source files by default, so if you would like your designer to deliver source files / working files upon completion of a project, you will have to ask for those.